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Indian Rug Cleaning for Rare to Find Rugs

Indian rug cleaning is the process of taking the rug out of the house and bringing it to a rug cleaning plant for it to be cleaned. It is important that all the dirt is removed from the carpet at first before the actual washing is done. Vacuuming the area rug isn’t enough to get all the dirt that has managed to get deep down in the fibers. The process that removes the dried soils best is using soft compressed air. First step should be putting the rug upside down on the concrete with a metal mesh that allow for the air to push the dirt into the mesh when the back side is being dusted.

Then the front side needs to be dusted, this usually looks like a sand storm because all the dust and dirt that was deep in the pile is now on the surface of the rug and is now with the use of air is going to all come out. This is perhaps the most important step in area rug cleaning.

Area rugs these days come in all different price points from the less expensive and lessor quality from Home Depot that has a canvas backing on it which sheds from the first time you get it until you dispose of it. So if you are reading this and you where wondering why you keep seeing rug fibers along the baseboards this is the reason.

The rug making process for these rugs that look like authentic rugs is called tufted rug. So if you are tired of vacuuming constantly consider buying a hand knotted rug they aren’t that much more in cost and they do not shed.

Getting back to area rug cleaning. The rug should be totally submerged into water just like it was originally done after it was made and the final shearing was done to it before the rug started the journey traveling across the ocean to get to it’s final home. You can see many videos on the net showing how Indian rug cleaners wash their rugs which is a philosphy we replicate and enhance to get the best result.

Types of Indian Rugs That We Cleaning, Repair and Restoring 

  • Mechanism Based Indian Rug
  • Flat Weave Indian Rugs
  • Machine Made Indian Rugs
  • Handmade Indian Rugs
  • Hand Tufted Indian Rugs
  • Hand Hooked Indian Rugs
  • Hand Loomed Indian Rugs
  • Hand Knotted Indian Rugs
  • Materials Based Indian Rug
  • Indian Silk Rug
  • Indian Jute Rug
  • Indian Bamboo Rug
  • Indian Cotton Rug
  • Indian Wool Rug
  • Indian Viscose Rugs
  • Indian Rug Pattern
  • Vintage Indian Rugs
  • Indian Antique Rugs
  • Indian Oriental Rugs
  • Indian Area Rugs
  • Indian Navajo Rugs
  • Indian Modern Rugs
  • Indian Custom Rugs
  • Aztec Indian rug
  • Indian Kelim Rugs

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