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Persian Rug Cleaners

Get the cleanest, freshest Persian rug cleaning service at Premier Carpet Cleaning. We believe that you want your rug to remain beautiful. Thus, the key to make it as good as new is to clean it regularly so that the intricate design and its beauty could be maintained for many years to come. Significantly, an ideal rug cleaning service is custom made according to the material used and the vastness of the color applied. The cleaning is done accordingly so that the colors will not fade and the material is unaffected chemically.

Cleaning your rugs require long hours of intensive labor work. This means that it is a very time consuming as well as an exhaustive work to do. Most of the time, we find ourselves stuck in so many things that we do not have time to clean our rugs. In return, we have dirty rugs that more often than not, also give out bad smell. But with our company, you just need to hand us over your dirty rugs and we do the wonders.

What is good giving your rugs to professional rug cleaners is that, you save a lot of time and energy. You will have to worry no more for getting your rugs cleaned up because we will take care of it. Persian rug cleaning at Premier Carpet Cleaning uses time tested methods of cleaning the rugs by hand which had been used for many centuries. Furthermore, we also know how to handle your valuable and sophisticated rugs carefully, cleaning them with our hands to avoid damage. We also guarantee you with intensive cleaning such that all stubborn stains are removed and bacteria are eliminated as well.

In addition, we do not limit our responsibility to clean your rugs; we also repair and restore them to their original beauty. With our help, we guarantee you that we are the best in this field.

When you are faced with numerous rug cleaning companies who are offering the same services, you ought to make a compare and contrast list. This comparison list will be of immense help in determining which rug cleaning company is perfect for your Persian rug needs. Needless to say, this rug cleaning company will let you experience these quality benefits that you will never receive to any of its competitors:

Utmost Cleaning Service Quality – this company knows the sophisticated needs of Persian rugs, and for the record, no competitors can match their unique 8-step process when cleaning this precious and expensive rugs.

Customer Service – if the client has certain queries, follow-ups, and clarifications about their Persian rugs, this company will be glad to hear these from you. Also, professional tips and recommendations regarding your Persian rug maintenance will also be shared to you.

Reasonable Prices – in addition to their exceptional Persian rug cleaning service quality, every client will definitely enjoy their services more because it is equated with very reasonable price. Unlike other rug cleaning services in the industry, Premier Carpet Cleaning assures that cleaning your carpet should never hurt your pockets.

Types of Persian Rugs That We Cleaning, Repair and Restoring

  • City Persian Rugs
  • Isfahan Persian Rug
  • Nain Persian Rug
  • Tabriz Persian Rug
  • Qom Persian Rug
  • Village Persian Rugs
  • Abadeh Persian Rug
  • Ardebil Persian Rug
  • Bidjar Persian Rug
  • Hamadan Persian Rug
  • Heriz Persian Rug
  • Kerman Persian Rug
  • Kashan Persian Rug
  • Mashad Persian Rug
  • Moud Persian Rug
  • Senneh Persian Rug
  • Tribal Persian Rugs
  • Afshar Persian Rug
  • Baktiyar Persian Rug
  • Baluchi Persian Rug
  • Gabba Persian Rug
  • Qashqai Persian Rug
  • Area Persian Rugs
  • Hallway Runners – Persian Rugs
  • Persian Door Mats
  • Outdoor Persian Rugs
  • Kids’ Persian Rugs
  • Bath Persian Rugs & Mats
  • Stair Runners Persian Rugs
  • Kitchen Persian Rugs
  • Production Method
  • Hand Woven Persian Rugs
  • Machine Woven Persian Rugs
  • Construction Styles
  • Tufted Persian Rugs
  • Knotted Persian Rugs
  • Flat Woven Persian Rugs
  • Hooked Persian Rugs
  • Braided Persian Rugs
  • Shag Style Persian Rugs
  • Rug Shape
  • Rectangular Persian Rugs
  • Runners Persian Rugs
  • Square Persian Rugs
  • Round Persian Rugs
  • Oval Persian Rugs
  • Octagonal Persian Rugs
  • Slices Persian Rugs

Why Choose Us?

We have been in business for over 20 years so this means that we are one of the leading experts when it comes to custom rug cleaning and rug care. As we are known to cleaning Oriental rugs, we also provide cleaning for customized and designer rugs. So if you are looking for a rug cleaning company in or around Colorado Springs, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist and serve you. In fact, we will also give you a FREE estimate, pickup and delivery. The cleaning process can take up to 10 business days as each area rug is different and they all have needs to maintain them properly.


Not only do we clean rugs, we also specialize in rug repair, rug restoration and guaranteed pet odor removal.
We also sell customized rug padding to protect your precious rugs.
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