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Silk Rug Cleaning for Rare to Find Rugs

If you are an owner of a silk Oriental rug, we know how difficult it is to maintain its cleanliness. This type of rug is so delicate that it should only be handled by silk rug cleaning experts who are trained to properly handle this type of job. We understand that silk rugs are generally handmade and because of this, it is not surprising that they are expensive and of high quality. Great care is required to maintain its beautiful appearance so we at Premier Carpet Cleaning are extending our services to you.

We are proud to say that we have a specialized team of in house experts who handle such quality rugs on a daily basis. Our professionals have the necessary skills to ensure that your rugs will return to you in its pristine condition. We have been in business since 1999, and we deal with a vast quantity of rugs on a daily basis. Our previous customers have been loyal to us and we received awe-inspiring feedbacks from them daily.

We have all the necessary expert machines in our own state of the art 3,500 ft cleaning facility; therefore we never outsource rugs to another company because we don’t go thru a middlemen or subcontractors.

The entire 9-step process is done by our proficient technicians in our own plant. We can assure you that your rug will come back to you looking vibrant and beautiful because we share the same passion for rugs that you do.

In case your silk rug gets damaged or torn, our in house master weaver can fix it for you. Normally, just give us 3 to 5 business days to do the cleaning and restoration of your silk rug. By the way, if you are a bit concerned about the cost, don’t worry as we offer FREE estimates. We never have any hidden fees because our technician will give you the cost upfront. And in case you have no time to bring your rug to us, we also offer free pick up and delivery services. If you are in Colorado Springs, call us so we can schedule your FREE estimate today. We at Premier Carpet Cleaning are your best source for when it comes to silk rug cleaning.

Types of Silk Rugs That We Cleaning, Repair and Restoring

  • Chinese Silks Rugs
  • Kashmiri Silks Rugs
  • Egyptian Silks Rugs
  • Turkish Silks Rugs
  • Persian Silks Rugs
  • Pure Silk Rugs
  • Artificial Silk Rugs
  • Handmade Silk Rugs
  • Traditional Silk Rugs
  • Sheepskin Silk Rugs
  • Bamboo Silk in Fine Rugs
  • Faux Hide Silk Rugs
  • Faux Fur Silk Rugs
  • Wool and Silk Rugs
  • Area Silk Rugs
  • Hallway Runners – Silk Rugs
  • Silk Door Mats
  • Outdoor Silk Rugs
  • Kids’ Silk Rugs
  • Bath Silk Rugs & Mats
  • Stair Runners Silk Rugs
  • Kitchen Silk Rugs
  • Rug Shape
  • Rectangular Silk Rugs
  • Runners Silk Rugs
  • Square Silk Rugs
  • Round Silk Rugs
  • Oval Silk Rugs
  • Octagonal Silk Rugs
  • Slices Silk Rugs

Why Choose Us?

We have been in business for over 20 years so this means that we are one of the leading experts when it comes to custom rug cleaning and rug care. As we are known to cleaning Oriental rugs, we also provide cleaning for customized and designer rugs. So if you are looking for a rug cleaning company in or around Colorado Springs, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist and serve you. In fact, we will also give you a FREE estimate, pickup and delivery. The cleaning process can take up to 10 business days as each area rug is different and they all have needs to maintain them properly.


Not only do we clean rugs, we also specialize in rug repair, rug restoration and guaranteed pet odor removal.
We also sell customized rug padding to protect your precious rugs.
We Offer FREE estimates, pickup and delivery services for your convenience.





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